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In the heart of the Southern Rhone Valley

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Rhône Valley, Terre de Ghaya flourishes in the unique terroir of the Ventoux region.


Renowned for its sunny climate and picturesque landscapes, the Southern Rhône Valley (also known as the "Vallée du Rhône Méridionale") offers an idyllic setting for the cultivation of vines. In this land blessed by the sun, the Ventoux PDO finds its place, proudly inscribing itself in the prestigious winegrowing tradition of the Vallée du Rhône Méridionale.


Our vineyards, caressed by the generous rays of the Mediterranean sun, produce grapes of exceptional quality, reflecting the richness and diversity of this exceptional terroir.




Vines have been grown here since antiquity 

The cultivation of vines in the Ventoux region dates back to antiquity, establishing a centuries-old winegrowing tradition. Archaeological excavations on the Mazan site have revealed a potter's workshop dating back to the 1st century BC, where the first wine amphorae known in France were made, testifying to the region's long history of viticulture.


The Ventoux PDO vineyards flourished, particularly during the period when the popes were in Avignon. This period marked a significant boom in viticulture, consolidating the reputation of Ventoux wines. Over the centuries, these wines were honored at the tables of the kings of France, alongside other great vintages of the kingdom.


Since 1939, the Ventoux winegrowers have formed a union to promote the quality of the region's wines. Their commitment led to classification as VDQS in 1953, then AOC in 1973. Today, our wines carry the legacy of this history, offering an authentic experience rooted in passion and know-how.

A variety of soils

Consisting of sediments deposited by the seas of the Tertiary era at the base of the limestone massif of Ventoux, they present an astonishing variety of geological formations.

There are mainly three types of soil here:

  • Red soils resulting from the degradation of limestone,

  • Soils made up of a mixture of sand and ochreous clay,

  • Detrital soils covered by rolled pebbles or limestone scree detached from the mountain.



Combined with the Provençal climate and the multiple microclimates of the mountains, plains and valleys of the appellation, these variations of the terroir multiply the nuances of flavors of the wines of the AOC.
Travail de la terre

The AOC Côtes du Ventoux, renamed AOC Ventoux in 2010, is a wine-growing area in the Vaucluse extending over 6,700 hectares at the foot of the well-known “Mont Ventoux”. The terroir is divided into 3 wine-producing areas: The Malaucène Basin in the north, the more central Carpentras amphitheatre and the southern area, which borders the Luberon wine-growing area.

A terroir enriched by the sun, sheltered from wind by the massifs.

Situated in the heart of Provence, it profits from the sunshine and heat typical of the Mediterranean climate, while at the same time being sheltered from the wind by the surrounding massifs.

The AOC Ventoux area produces roughly 285,000 hectolitres of wine every year, a wide range of wines with great personality, mainly reds (85% of the volumes), but also rosés and whites.

Le village de Bédoin

The village of Bédoin 

A fascinating anecdote: the name Bédoin may have Germanic origins, bett-wein meaning 'cradle of wine'!


Situated at the foot of Mont Ventoux, surrounded by numerous hamlets, Bédoin is famous as a popular holiday destination for cyclists and sports enthusiasts.


Hotels, vacation homes, B&Bs and campsites, as well as restaurants, welcome you for an experience as close as possible to the activities the region has to offer.


An ideal village for those with a passion for hiking, biking, mushroom picking and exploring the alpine flora and fauna.


Come and discover the richness of Bédoin, where the history of the name meets the diversity of natural activities.

Vignes Bedoin
Eglise de Bedoin
Rond point du cycliste Bedoin
Village de Bedoin
Bedoin et le Mont Ventoux
Marché de Bedoin

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